"The Ballad of Tom Bombadil" was written June 9th, 1978 ...
at Sweet's Station - Edmeston, New York

From The 'Rings Project CD :
Recorded May 26th, 2001 at Smokey Mirror Studios in Milltown, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Overdubs by Horvath: Backup Vocals, 1986 Flatiron 3K Octave Mandolin, Digital Congas (BOSS DR-770)

Track 2 from the Lord of the Rings CD, this song was the "sleeper-song" of the original 'Rings Project. For some reason, after writing it, I maintained that it was incomplete and never played it for anyone - I don't understand it at present ... but that's the way it went down, and I do strange things like that sometimes. The idea for this song first emerged in 1978 at Sweet's Station (a railroad depot I lived in at the time), but wasn't completed until June 21st, 1980 during a writing-trip in New Berlin, New York (Richard's cabin).

I performed this song for my sister Arlene when I first wrote it, and I belive that was the only time I had ever performed it ... and she's never let me forget it. Finally, when I started building my home studio in early 2001, she was bugging me about it again and I made it my first recording project.

This is the 4th or 5th version/recording from my Roland VS-1880 Digital Studio:   I put my first recording / attempt up on the web ... then every week or so, as I learned better ways of doing things with the studio, I uploaded improved mp3 versions of this song. So there are different versions of this song, floating around out there ... but this one is the best.

I sure do love singing this song ... I find myself wandering through passages of my own life as I emote these lyrics.   Some people have inferred that Bombadil is God ... I rather think of Tom as Melchizadek, if you want to put a Biblical reference to him - now there are two parrallel stories!

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