"Father & Son" was written sometime in 1989 ...
at my house on Nebraska Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee

From the Piscataway Basement Tapes CD :
Recorded 1995 at Rubber Ball Studios in North Brunswick, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Gibson Hummingbird Guitar

Me and my Dad shared everything ... and much of that in the form of conversation. I can remember us talking for as much as 12 hours at a time, with Mom occassionally joining in, while keeping us supplied with various forms of sustenance. In 1989, I flew up to Jersey to see him in his final hours ... his eyes didn't have the same light in them as I was accustomed to seeing ... we exchanged something that no earthly words can describe ... and he passed on.

"My daddy use to talk about the Book of Revelation ... with tears of joy rollin' down his face."

According to my notebooks, I didn't write anything the year he died ... obviously, that isn't so, but I was a mess that year ... when I returned to Nashville, this song came out. I feel he's talking to me in this song ... telling me there's a whole lot more going on than what we merely witness with our eyes.

There's nothin' wrong with our eyes ... it's just what we believe; what we can't believe.

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