"Lady" was written December 2nd, 1971 ...
on Venice Beach - Los Angeles, California

From the Piscataway Basement Tapes CD :
Recorded live 1996; Mike Toth's basement; Piscataway, NJ
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Mike Toth: Fender Bass Guitar

I wrote this song for Marie. Sweet, sweet, Marie ... who created a wonderful wardrobe from her mother's thrift shop, and made my blood nearly boil with the heat of passion and desire. She almost drove me insane with her indecisiveness, too. We're in love! We're NOT in love? As Donovan once sang, "First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is ..."

I felt like some kind of neanderthal when I wrote this song ... and when I sing it. It's, to me, the expression of a man's most basic urge ... a primal cry for recognition.

It was summertime in L. A. ... I was 18 years old when I wrote this song.   This recording was made in 1996, in Mike Toth's basement, in Piscataway, New Jersey.

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