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The Ring Goes South
Black smoke is rising, once again,
From the fires of Doom
It forms a Nazgul shadow, they say, that
Hangs beneath the midnight moon
But it's more than just rumors of wars comin'
From every corner of the earth
It's no longer just a matter of time ...
The task is now mine, for better or worse

It's good to be in Rivendell
Surrounded by my friends
I'm dog-tired; straight out of Hell ...
But it sure feels good seein' Bilbo again
Now, something keeps stirring me inside
I don't know what it is, or why,
I only know I'm gonna see it through
All the way to the end of the line

Bad dreams wake me in the night ...
Shadows are following me ...
Black forces want to see me die ...
But I'll be standing tall, at the end of the line.

Hold on to what you know is true ...
Never let go of the dream ...
You gotta know I'm looking to you;
I gotta know you're praying for me ...

© 2001 by Alan Horvath | BMI | All Rights Reserved

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